Our corporate philosophy is based on discretion. We provide our consultation services with extreme confidentiality. We often become aware of confidential information before even our client’s management finds out about changes intended to its own structures.

Our discretion criteria apply both to our clients and our candidates. Even a prominent director or CEO ready for change is extremely reluctant to have his or her CV passed on to several personnel consultants.
In a major consultancy group, candidates can only expect to have their personal CVs ending up on every desk in the group, which our structure essentially precludes from the start.

This is the security that we offer our candidates.


At the forefront, professionalism means quality.
We believe that even the type of search must have its own quality. We analyse corporate philosophy in meetings with our clients with a view to setting the final goals. Finding the right person for the job is not just something that has to be done – we also understand our obligation towards our candidate, and we apply one key criterion in judging the success of a concluded project – sustainability in candidate deployment.
Then, and only then, can this deployment result in a contribution to the corporate success of our client.

We prefer to apply the potential analysis method in candidate selection. This means that we give the candidate not only a general description of the position; our candidates experience for themselves what is to be expected of them in a new position.
In this form of assessment centre, individual interviews with candidates and reference reviews, we can already distinguish top executives from underperformers.

Focussed Approach

A secured, optimised result comes from thorough market penetration that takes changes in the business sector into account. Vacant top management positions are not usually offered in newspaper job ads;
classical vacancy ads are not even particularly effective for middle management positions.
Top leaders prefer to be addressed directly.

Unlike other service consultants that act as agents and wait for candidates to appear of their own accord, we act directly within the market as an independent executive search company.
There are few professional companies involved in direct search – even large consultancy groups buy in search services in order to conclude their projects. We offer a complete service without intermediaries, helping you reach your goals taking the direct route, without the detours.


We have no need of external researchers.
As a complete service company, we avoid interdependencies and frictional losses with other players, giving us the agility to act for your company.


Many clients have become unsettled by the fusions that have taken place on the consultancy market and developments amongst some consultancies traded on the stock exchange, consultancies whose corporate policy has lost them much of the trust of erstwhile clients. Dabbling on financial markets has lost these consultancies much of their service quality; the pressure to fulfil quarterly forecasts clashes with the sense of quality of a good consultant, a professional searching for professionals. We place top priority on contentment of all involved, and we are a private owner-managed company out of conviction. As an independent consultancy, we have a short, rapid and reliable decision-making structure.

Scope of Activity

Concentrating on potential businesses in any field allows us to act without surrendering our principles in searching for talent for our clients. A consultancy group, on the other hand, will have problems in some projects since it cannot afford to work for a few selected clients that are not themselves competing in the same field.

Personnel consultation at group level often presents a problem for candidates in that the scale of the operation limits the range of the search, blocking the best company addresses.

On the other hand, our Consultancy Boutique has the entire business world at its disposal – across the world. We can make this competitive edge work for you.

Complete Consulting Service

Our consulting approach completely integrates personnel development and organisational consultation.

Focus on results

We will work with your business until a result has been reached – a result as close to ideal as possible for all parties.


If requested, we will work with you on setting your goals and strategies before the actual search phase to prevent heavy costs and complications from the start.

Client Protection

We will never approach our clients’ employees on our other projects.


Quality is of the essence in every project – a principle that applies to project phases and follow-up. We only work on the basis of a definite order for an agreed fee. Our aim is to form a lasting and successful relationship with our clients – contented customers, like their recommendations, are our key to long-term success.


We give our clients a guarantee of up to twelve months on new executives. In case of non-satisfaction, we will find a replacement free of charge.