We are an independent consultation company, and as such, we act as an experienced service company in the strategic personnel and corporate consultation field. We analyse markets, we are familiar with the change processes in consultation and communication with our clients, and we are active in the traditional search and selection of top specialists and excellent leaders.

We do not wait for situational changes to occur, and do not rely on chance response to a job ad; rather, we act in advance of the market to provide our clients with the entire range of potential with its varied focus. This is the only way of providing a quality consultation service and quality recommendations for vacant positions.

As a strategic partner and executive searcher, we provide the full range in personnel consultancy. We act as a professional Executive Search Boutique in top management services.

For us, every project starts by setting goals. If required, we will also provide consultation services in strategy development, e.g. in the definition of corporate goals that our candidate is to realise for the client. We will only begin on actual consultation and setting strategies for business development with the client once the general goals have been either dictated by the client, or once we have set the general goals together with our client.

As an independent consultation company, we are able to concentrate all our attention on our clients’ requirements and wishes, thus conducting business with due care and quality, delivering a final result with the precision of professional workmanship.

We place great value on teamwork in our relationships with clients and candidates. Our activities are based on trust, reliability, professionalism and discretion.