At the forefront, professionalism means quality.
We believe that even the type of search must have its
own quality. We analyse corporate philosophy in
meetings with our clients with a view to setting the
final goals. Finding the right person for the job is not just
something that has to be done – we also understand our
obligation towards our candidate, and we apply one key
criterion in judging the success of a concluded
project – sustainability in candidate deployment.
Then, and only then, can this deployment result in a
contribution to the corporate success of our client.

We prefer to apply the potential analysis method in
candidate selection. This means that we give the
candidate not only a general description of the
position; our candidates experience for themselves what
is to be expected of them in a new position.
In this form of assessment centre, individual interviews
with candidates and reference reviews, we can already
distinguish top executives from underperformers.